Sunday, 8 June 2008

130: Tom Driberg 2

-Marc Boxer in “The Times”, June 1976.
Reprinted in “The Times We Live In”, 1978.

Hey look, it’s a cartoon about homosexual toilet-solicitation in the pages of the “Times”. (Well, its about an agent looking for equally salacious gossip in hopes of garnering a new bestseller. So, some satire of the rapacious nature of literary agents in there too, if you want.But you don't get one without the other.)
Boxer had tried a cartoon about a piece of gossip about Jeremy Thorpe as gay toilet graffiti a couple of years earlier and it had been struck down. Of course, it may have been fear of the mountainous Lord Goodman taking action on Thorpe’s behalf that got that one censored.
But prior to this, I can’t find a single cartoon among the couple of hundred or so I’ve got from the ‘60s and ‘70s that hint at naughty toilet activities.
Thanks, Lord Bradwell.

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