Friday, 27 June 2008

147: Keith Hampson 3 - Edward McLachlan

in "Punch" 23 May 1984

For reasons I can’t be going into, Michael Heseltine had the nickname of “Tarzan”. This therefore means that McLachlan can have his effeminate civil servant identify himself (rather assertively by the looks of it) with a girl’s name. This is, of course, a comedy homosexual, and not an accurate representation of Mr Hampson. Indeed, all the cartoons talk around the incident, but there are no actual direct references to Keith Hampson in all of the bits and pieces produced at the time. It’s all rather allusive gossip. Although it all builds on that “civil service is absolutely infested with ‘em” ethos. Note as always the lipstick and the eye-shadow. Ho hum.

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